The California Custom Knife Show: a major event showcasing pocketknives and artistic cutlery

If you will be visiting California in the near future, here is a great idea for an outing: The California Custom Knife Show! This luxury cutlery festival gathers America’s best artisanal cutlers and individuals who are passionate about pocketknives. This is a unique occasion for exploring high-end knives that are made in the USA.

The California Custom Knife Show: a major event showcasing pocketknives and artistic cutlery

The 2016 California Custom Knife Show will be taking place soon!

A meeting point for America’s best cutlers

The California Custom Knife Show was established in 1981. It is an annual event that gathers professional artisanal cutlers and pocketknife amateurs.

This popular two-day festival will be held from October 22 to October 23, 2016 at the Embassy Suites Anaheim South in Garden Grove, California.

This event will showcase artisanal pocketknives that put a twist on traditional American cutlery designs. It will also throw the spotlight on America’s incredibly rich cultural heritage and knife making knowledge. Some of America’s biggest names in the luxury and artistic cutlery sectors will be present, including: John Young, Les Georges, Ernie Emerson, Rick Hinderer and countless others.

The first event of its kind on the West Coast

Ever since its creation in the early 1980s, the California Custom Knife Show’s format and location (Anaheim, Orange County, California) have never changed. It gathers knife lovers from all around the country, the majority of which are from Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles.

The event organizer’s objective is simple: to present the public with the pinnacle from the world of pocketknives and cutlery. The artists participating in this event are handpicked and represent America’s elite artisanal cutlers.

A major pocketknife and artisanal cutlery event

Each year the California Custom Knife Show attracts a large crowd. It gives those interested in pocketknives the chance to see true works of art created by America’s top specialists.

Countless models of pocketknives

This universe of high-end cutlery is vast; visitors will be able to admire the following types of knives:

  • Hunting knives
  • Fishing knives
  • Military knives
  • Survival knives
  • Multipurpose knives that can also be used as kitchen knives
  • Knives with handles made of highly coveted wood
  • Knives with ingenious closing and opening mechanisms

Several famous blacksmiths will also be present. They will be offering various workshops and demonstrations showing how to create different types of steel that are often used to create high-end artisanal pocketknives and Samurai swords!

These workshops will demonstrate the different techniques used in making the following types of steel:

  • Folded steel
  • Damascus steel
  • Multilayered steel

Every year this 48-hour event is continuously filled to capacity!

A lottery determining the right to buy!

The California Custom Knife Show is such a success that the vendors have promised not to start selling their pocketknives until the show has officially opened to the public at 10:15 AM on Saturday. This gives each visitor the chance to browse all of the collections present at the show.

Each year individuals that are passionate about pocketknives flock to California, displaying a high level of enthusiasm for this show. Due to a high demand for the knives on display, a lottery system was put into place that determines the order in which the knives will be sold. This rule even applies to dealers, giving each visitor the opportunity to purchase the knife of their choice!

If two people are interested in purchasing the same pocketknife the seller can flip a coin to determine who has the right to buy! This organizing method brings the event to life, even though your chance to win the right to buy might be slim!

The California Custom Knife Show is a unique event in the world of high-end cutlery, which is dedicated to showcasing the pocketknife. If you are visiting California soon, making a detour to see this show is a must! Feel free to leave us a comment on our Facebook page! Thank you and see you soon!