TB & its high-end French cutlery has been selected as a finalist in Supply Chain Magazine’s "Trophée des Rois"

Supply Chain Magazine organizes the annual Trophée des Rois competition (Return on Investment Trophy). The aim of this major competition is to highlight the innovative and competitive spirit of large national companies that use supply chains. TB Groupe - a worthy representative of France’s high-end cutlery sector - was selected as a finalist! Will Tarrerias-Bonjean take home the wining trophy?

TB & its high-end French cutlery has been selected as a finalist in Supply Chain Magazine's "Trophée des Rois"

French cutlery company TB Groupe has been nominated for Supply Chain Magazine’s Trophée des Rois

Supply Chain Magazine has been organizing the Trophée des Rois competition for the past several years. This trophy is awarded to the company with the most original or innovative business project, whose aim is to improve the company’s ROI (Return On Investment) while taking sustainable aspects under consideration.

Qualifying as a finalist in Supply Chain Magazine’s contest!

27 candidates applied for the 2018 Trophée des Rois competition and 8 of them were selected as finalists. The winner will be announced in Paris on January 17, 2018. Tarrerias-Bonjean, France’s number 1 knife seller, was selected as a finalists!

TB Groupe, the historic cutler from the town of Thiers, is up against strong competition as the other finalists are some of France’s top industrial leaders, including: Carrefour, DHL, Nestle, La Redoute, Bridgestone, CDiscount! TB Groupe will have to prove itself worthy of being one the top three winning companies.

Will TB Groupe manage to play its cards right? Each company is allotted 40 minutes to present its project and convince the jury in front of an audience of more than 1,000 individuals!

TB Groupe’s project: High-end French cutlery

Tarrerias-Bonjean, creator of Made in France knives, submitted an application presenting one of its most innovative projects – its recently constructed building dedicated to order preparation. This building was created in collaboration with the company Savoye Division.

The following is a condensed version of TB Groupe’s project description, which was selected by Supply Chain Magazine’s jury:

"Create a building with the following 4 objectives in mind: managing an efficient order preparation system within a small space, keeping our promise to customers concerning shipping delays, creating a quality system which properly reflects the quality of our French-made cutlery products and setting up an automated goods-to-person system within a PME (Small to Medium-sized enterprise) that employs 100 individuals."

Innovation according to TB Groupe: High-end French cutlery company

Over the past few months, TB Groupe has designed and constructed a warehouse that was specifically created for preparing and managing orders.

This building spans 4,600 m² and houses a partially mechanized system that organizes, stocks and oversees inventory and prepares orders.

This innovative storage warehouse has an automated order preparation system that is comprised of 23 storage bays, 21 levels and is equipped with Intelis PTS’ goods-to-person conveyor belt system, which was designed by Savoye Division a company specializing in logistics.

The French cutlery company TB Groupe hopes that this new warehouse will increase productivity and improve service and customer relationships.

The 7 other finalists nominated for Supply Chain Magazine’s Trophée des Rois

Supply Chain Magazine selected a jury panel for the Trophée des Rois competition that is composed of Supply Chain professionals who analyze the applications that are submitted. They voted for following 7 finalists:

Piles’s/La Carsat Rhônes-Alpes

This small company was selected for installing a system that improves the management and shipment of fresh produce.

Cetup/Symbio Fcell

This company designed the "zero emissions" Kangoo car with a hydrogen range extender that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Bridgestone Emea/Bluecrux/OM Partners

This company installed a Customer Service Department in its supply chain department and standardized and reorganized its activities, which take place in several European regions.

Schindler Group/B2G Consulting

This company completely transformed and improved its global supply chain in order to increase performance and reduce costs.

Sames-Kremlin/B2 Wise France

This company established a DDMRP (Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning) system in a company that manufactures spraying equipment and robots that assemble automobiles.

CDiscount/Exotec Solutions

This company set up a fleet of mobile robots in a large e-commerce enterprise, which prepares orders following the goods-to-person system.


This company, working in the pharmaceutical and paramedical sector, created a comprehensive inventory system that is centralized and synchronized.

Supply Chain Magazine’s Trophée des Rois Jury

Christian BOILEAU - Supply Chain Director at Rue du Commerce
Olivier FRANCESCHINI - Supply Chain Director at Fresenius Kabi France
Hervé LE GALL - Supply Chain Director at Krys Group
Léna QUEAU - Supply Chain Manager at Air Liquide and General Manager at Fapics
Clémentine MERMET - Supply Chain Director at Warner Music
François PEIGNES - Supply Chain Vice President World of Areva
Bertrand REGNAULD - Supply Chain Industry Director Agro-Musketeers
Gérard TOURENQ - Global Supply Chain Director at Essilor

We will keep you informed about the results of Supply Chain Magazine’s Trophée des Rois. Good luck to all the competitors and, of course, to TB Groupe - King of Made in France knives!