Guy Savoy and TB create two beautiful “Made in France” knife sets

Our blog previously mentioned that the famous chef Guy Savoy’s online shop was under construction. It’s official - the e-shop has officially been launched! This is very good news for those of you that love the culinary arts and beautiful objects. Aficionados of TB Groupe’s Made in France cutlery line will be thrilled as Tarrerrias-Bonjean worked in collaboration with this renowned chef to create the new collections.

Guy Savoy and TB create two beautiful “Made in France” knife sets

Sumptuous table knives designed by Guy Savoy and Bruno Moretti

The official launch of Guy Savoy’s online shop is presently underway. Within the next few days, you will be able to place orders for these superb table knife sets created in collaboration with the Michelin-starred chef and Tarrerais -Bonjean, the leading seller of Made in France knives.

The winning team: Guy Savoy & Bruno Moretti

The two sets of table knives created by Guy Savoy and the designer Bruno Moretti were launched in Thiers at TB Groupe’s workshop. The resulting products are superb!

TB’s dazzling “Made in France” table knives!

These unique table knife sets, named Ulu and Savik, reflect Guy Savoy’s desire to establish a bridge between the kitchen and the dining room, allowing these two complementary universes a chance to reflect one another. The knives in these sets are the same as knives used in Guy Savoy’s prestigious restaurants - Restaurant Guy Savoy in la Monnaie, Paris and Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, USA.

TB Groupe’s cutlery products from their Made in France line - including the new Ulu and Savik table knife sets - benefit from Tarrerias-Bonjean’s advanced technology, ancestral savoir-faire and industrial production capacity. The resulting products are unparalleled in terms of quality.

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You can also browse Guy Savoy’s brand-new online store!

Savik: elegant and high-tech

The designer Bruno Moretti defines the Savik table knife set from the Made in France line as being, "Radical, elementary, archetypal." Their simple form is reminiscent of early knives, reminding us of the origin of knives. This does not mean that the latest manufacturing technologies were not used to create these extremely high-end knives.

Inimitable design

The Savik French table knives stand out for their elegance. Their aesthetically pleasing handles soften the blade’s sharp angles while concealing its rivets. Their high-performance tempered stainless steel blades are flexible yet sturdy. Each knife has a series number subtly engraved along the pommel of its full-tang blade.

High-end stainless steel: TB’s pledge to create quality French cutlery

The technical aspects of the Savik knives from the Made in France line by Guy Savoy and TB Groupe set the benchmark for breathtaking cutlery sets.

The Alenox stainless steel used to manufacture their blades is rich in chromium, making them completely rust resistant. Their ergonomic handles are robust, easy to handle and designed for optimal comfort.

Ulu: feminine knives

The fact of the matter is, men and women hold knives differently. Guy Savoy and Bruno Moretti used this observation to design a knife that is perfectly adapted to the female hand, resulting in the Ulu table knife set.

Their ergonomic handles were specifically designed to cradle perfectly within a women’s palm, providing an impressively comfortable cutting experience. These knives are prime examples of Tarrerias-Bonjean’s commitment to creating knives with a sensational cutting capacity.

The Ulu and Savik knife sets share the same excellent high-tech characteristics.

Thau: “Made in France” kitchen knives by TB Groupe

Guy Savoy’s brand-new online shop features an array of other knives. One of these knives is the professional-grade kitchen knife called the Thau.

Designed for professionals and amateurs

This knife allows you to perform every kitchen task with ease and precision. It blends aesthetic and technical characteristics while allowing you to cook comfortably. The Thau Knife was also designed by Guy Savoy and Bruno Moretti and manufactured by TB Groupe, in the city of Thiers - the French cradle of the cutlery.

A complete 5-piece knife set

The Thau French kitchen knives have a unique streamline design! They are available in a 5-piece set comprised of the following knives:

  • Paring knife with a 10-cm blade
  • Filet knife with an 18.5-cm blade
  • Chef’s knife with an 18-cm blade
  • Slicing knife with a 21-cm blade
  • Santoku knife with an 18-cm blade

A sumptuous blade reflecting Guy Savoy’s world

The Thau Made in France kitchen knives are unique because their blades have very fine and extremely detailed engravings. After the blade is engraved it is lacquered by hand.

These knives have a black blade made of Mox tempered steel with a PVD coating, resulting in highly corrosion resistant knives.

Extremely comfortable handles

Their black ergonomic handles are larger than average, providing an unparalleled cooking experience in terms of comfort. These are simply stunning kitchen utensils!

It would be an understatement to say that the collaboration between Guy Savoy and TB Groupe has been unbelievably successful.

Feel free to order these beautiful table and kitchen knives on Guy Savoy’s online shop. The e-shop also features a wide variety of other kitchen utensils, including the Alessi utensils and decorative bowls, the Deux Ailes decorative table objects, presentation plates by Virginia Mo and Guy Savoy’s collection of books. Bernardaud porcelain kitchen items will also available soon!