• TB & its high-end French cutlery has been selected as a finalist in Supply Chain Magazine's "Trophée des Rois"

    1 December 2017

    Supply Chain Magazine organizes the annual Trophée des Rois competition (Return on Investment Trophy). The aim of this major competition is to highlight the innovative and competitive spirit of large national companies that use supply chains. TB Groupe - a worthy representative of France’s high-end cutlery sector - was selected as a finalist! Will Tarrerias-Bonjean take home the wining trophy?

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  • Guy Savoy and TB create two beautiful “Made in France” knife sets

    24 November 2017

    Our blog previously mentioned that the famous chef Guy Savoy’s online shop was under construction. It’s official - the e-shop has officially been launched! This is very good news for those of you that love the culinary arts and beautiful objects. Aficionados of TB Groupe’s Made in France cutlery line will be thrilled as Tarrerrias-Bonjean worked in collaboration with this renowned chef to create the new collections.

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  • The knives of Kings: symbolizing French cutlery

    17 November 2017

    The historian Christian Lemasson recently discovered the existence of two knife makers from Thiers that served at the King’s court in the 17th century, proving that the capital of French cutlery’s historic roots run deeper than previously thought!

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  • Made in France knives: How TB Groupe innovates its French cutlery

    10 November 2017

    Tarrerias-Bonjean is an historic French cutlery company based in the region of Thiers. Today, TB Groupe is the leading seller of Made in France knives. This company’s top position is not due to chance but to its successful business strategy. Its directors have strategically implemented policies that impact their innovation and investment, which have propelled this company to new levels of success.

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